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Sto-retail-ing™: Retail Through A Storytelling Lens

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you - Maya Angelou

There is something uniquely transformative about sharing one's personal truth - one’s story. Beyond heritage and the ancient traditions of oral storytelling, there is a shared healing that transpires between a storyteller and her audience. In freeing herself of her testimony, the storyteller inadvertently grants her audience permission to curate, even share their own.

In the world of retail, storytelling isn’t just the evolved form of content marketing, rather its future. Just imagine... an engaged and connected marketplace where consumers are transacting stories first and products second.


The wave of social consciousness or collective wokeness coupled with increasing debt have driven consumers, especially Millennials, to seek greater meaning in their purchases.

Transparency, quality, value, social responsibility, simple/unique packaging personalization, a cool and original story… check those boxes off and well, you’ve reached Nike or Glossier level.


Our goal is not to sell you an end product. Would you

ever just buy the last chapter of a book?

Retailers and customers are both leading protagonists in the oneKIN story, each playing a meaningful and intentional role in the alchemy of the other.

And as such, oneKIN is committed to creating a holistic and human e-commerce experience by connecting customers with the “Who” and “Why” behind the products they purchase.

In sharing the brands’ authentic stories - multi-generational traditions and customs, long-held family recipes, and a bloodline of innovation and entrepreneurship - we connect customers to the creator’s unique vision and thoughtful craftsmanship.

These stories are an invitation to the retailers’ consciousness and mindfulness about who is consuming their products, the communities that are impacted by their supply chain decisions, and their unwavering ambition to shape the world around them.

Nature Eco Forest

A beautifully-patterned shirt representing the transformation of hard-to-find raw materials sourced from a third-world country and locally-handcrafted; breathing life and possibility back into a community exploited by the rest of the world.

A 10-free nail polish, plant-based face moisturizer, or organic makeup line committed to reclaiming one’s health and promoting community-wide wellness.

A hand-crafted pendant or dramatic work of art elevating the stories of marginalized cultures....


When we engage with truly powerful stories, we bear the burden of new information that can’t be ignored. These stories empower us to lead more whole and intentional lives, causing us to ask bigger questions:

What are my family and I really consuming and putting on our bodies?

What institutions and values are we advancing with our dollars?

Do the brands we patronize represent our core values?

It is through these stories, the questions they inspire and the answers they reveal that we discover our own AlcheME: a slow yet persistent paradigm shift that over time results in new behaviors and choices that are in harmony with our convictions.

For all these reasons, sto-retail-ing™ is the lens through which oneKIN delivers ecommerce. We believe we can transform the people and world around us one story at a time.


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