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ALCHE.ME: Journey To Self-Actualization

Defined as a “seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination,” alchemy represents the metamorphoses of self and self-actualization. And in a world where self-love is reduced to a mere hashtag reserved for trendy t-shirts or selfie captions, the need for self-exploration and self-care has never been more critical.

In designing our first 365 days, we at oneKIN have thought very intentionally about how we can provide a transformative experience for our retailers and customers - one that perpetuates a hyper-focus on SELF. We promote this Self-focus because it is necessary, and because you are deserving.

Rooted in our commitment to diversify and introduce a human touch to the online shopping experience, our mission is to create an engaging platform that is not only transactional - where one buys or sells products - but holistic in nature and fully-integrated into people’s lives. One where Day 1 version of Self is meaningfully different from Day 365 version of Self. We call this Alche.ME. So, on launch date, feel free to create new New Year’s resolutions, because you’re in for a journey centered on YOU.


To that end, rather than launching with all of our 100+ curated Retailers of Color and countless products at once, we are gradually unveiling our retailers and product categories according to an intentional design guided by four themes:

  1. Self-Exploration & Self-Acceptance: "Beauty & Brains" (Fall ‘18) – Here we offer, what will soon be your favorite Books, and go-to Beauty Products. We think the combination of these product categories is important as it centers around self-exploration; especially, as many of our featured books communicate important messages about identity, self-acceptance, and the deconstruction of prevailing images of beauty.

  1. Self-Love: "These Are A Few of My Favorite Things" (Winter ‘18) – Just in time for the Holiday season and the day of love, this theme covers Gifts and Accessories. We believe you are an extension of the things and people you love; and, that your best self is a manifestation of that love. Thus, we encourage our consumers to reflect on and show love to oneself, one’s kindred and one’s craft.

  2. Self-Expression: "Statement Pieces" (Spring ‘19) – In this part of the consumer’s journey, we celebrate self-expression through Art and Apparel. All about making a statement, we want you to confidently wear your convictions, and acquire art that resonates with you.

  1. Self-Care: "Does the Body Good" (Summer ‘19) – While taking care of your body year-round is important, we’ll make it especially easy for you during these months as we unveil our Health + Nutrition Products and Beverages. We want you to close out your first year with oneKIN on a high note: looking great and feeling even greater.

We are eager to take this journey with you as you discover your Alche.ME.

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