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About Us

A curated online marketplace where you can discover quality products made by emerging Black and Brown brands. Unveil each alchemist’s unique 

sto-RETAIL-ing™, and explore hundreds of products intentionally created for YOU!

What We Stand For

Our mission is  two-fold:

1. To provide our customers with an uncompromising shopping experience , where they're not required to water down their preferences or squeeze themselves into an image of beauty that doesn't fit.

2.  To diversify the world of online retail by providing the infrastructure for Retailers of Color to thrive.

 We honor and celebrate the multifaceted identities of our customers and amplify the voices of our retailers  through our unique sto-RETAIL-ing™ lens.

oneKIN is the single destination where ecommerce is

more human and less transactional.

How oneKIN works:
Our Executive Team

Marvin François

Co-Founder, CEO

"On a basic level, the role of innovation should be to make people’s lives easier -- to disrupt inefficient markets and democratize institutions for the purpose of serving the world better."

Yvener Petit

Co-Founder, CFO/COO

"It is not enough to brainstorm a great idea. As an agent of change, we must focus on proper execution in each step of the journey until this great idea comes to fruition."

Demitrious Jackson

Co-Founder, CTO

“There is something divine about technology in how it is seemingly limitless in nature, and empowers us to create a world inspired by our imaginations."

Jennifer Gomez

Co-Founder, CMO

“Our unique stories are incredibly powerful. They are the lens through which we see the world and fully engage the human experience.”