oneKIN, Inc. is a mission-driven tech company centered on driving socio-economic change in underserved communities by building an ecosystem for POC-led businesses to thrive. 

To solve for the lack of inclusivity and access to diverse retailers and products in the retail landscape, we launched our 1st product in 2018 - the first curated online marketplace that helps multicultural consumers discover and shop from independent POC-owned brands.

However, the current pandemic and economic crisis has dealt a crippling blow to small businesses + local economies, and as a result, has challenged us to live out our mandate in a more comprehensive and urgent manner.


We are excited to announce the addition of a second tech product to the oneKIN portfolio;  twiine (TM), a livestream ecommerce platform that allows consumers to discover and shop from small businesses, and provides retailers a cost-effective and sustainable solution to engage with their audience.

Launch details coming soon! 

Beauty Products


We provide an avenue for you to discover, connect with, and shop from independent POC-owned brands



Our handpicked team of expert curators diligently source brands of color based on established standards of excellence.

sto-RETAIL-ing (TM)

We elevate the voices of our retailers and connect customers to their powerful histories, conscious craftsmanship, and intentional design.


We foster community between buyers and sellers to facilitate more empowered online shopping experiences.   


We exist because the status quo is problematic...

oneKIN exists because communities of color remain underserved in the retail universe.


oneKIN was birthed in response to widespread inequities, and the belief that economic empowerment, as evidenced throughout history, would be our most important tool and form of advocacy. 


Black and Latinx retailers want to be heard, and through their products, communicate their stories and create holistic experiences that speak to all people. And customers want an uncompromising shopping experience, one where we’re not required to water down our preferences, or squeeze into beauty norms that don’t fit.


Yet despite our significant purchasing power and proven status as early adopters, communities of color are still fighting to have their unique needs be considered from a place of value and authenticity versus exploitation.

Image by Joanna Nix


Marvin François
Cofounder & CEO
Jennifer Gomez
Cofounder & CMO