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The oneKIN Story

Customers want an uncompromising shopping experience: one where they’re not required to water down their preferences, or squeeze themselves into an image of beauty that doesn’t fit.

Retailers of Color want to be heard. And through their products, communicate their stories and aspirations of well-being for all people. Indeed, it is often a dual spirit of activism and entrepreneurship that fuels their ambition to create, not merely products, but holistic experiences that speak to people.

oneKIN is a curated online marketplace that honors and celebrates the multifaceted identities of our customers, and amplifies the voices of our retailers through our unique sto-retail-ing™ lens.

We exist because the status quo is problematic...


We imagine the average consumer of color who has to constantly negotiate their self-care because too many products fail to account for their beautiful and unique genetic makeup. We observe how the world in subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle, ways communicates to them that their desire for well-being is audacious. We think about how dis-empowering and distorted this narrative is.

We think about the single black-owned bookstore just north of Harlem bustling with richness and culture; vibrant stories ready to be unleashed; past and present authors and curators of history eager to draw you in and ignite your world! We think about the reach this bookstore won’t achieve; the impact it won’t have; the lives or the next big innovation it won’t inspire.

We think about the two independent Haitian designers fueled by love of country, and eager to depict an accurate picture of their culture through clothing and accessories; eager to share with a world outside their grasp.

We imagine the story of the up-and-coming Entrepreneurs of Color who are forced to operate on a complex and overcrowded online marketplace. Despite their unique product offering, they are unable to gain the visibility necessary to sustain their business.


The status quo is problematic, and as storytellers, we re-imagine and rewrite the world for what it should be…

Where consumers aren’t required to make unfair trade-offs to maintain some semblance of well-being because they can now access products intentionally created with them in mind.

Where the vibrant and unique stories contained in a small bookstore can be made available for global consumption.

Where technology is used to share the beauty and richness of a third world country often misunderstood by outsiders.

Where Entrepreneurs of Color can seamlessly connect with an eager audience appreciative of their uniquely-crafted products.

We welcome you to oneKIN. Your shopping experience is about to change.

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