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BTW, Black Lives Have Always Mattered.

Imagine having to be selective about which tragedy to follow, 

because your capacity to absorb pain has long been exhausted.

Because on a basic level, you know it’s a singular tragedy -

bearing a new name, a new location, involving a new set of characters.

It’s the tragedy that awards us gold models for our speed and athletic prowess, 

yet guns us down as we go for a neighborhood jog.

It’s the tragedy that invites our culture into their homes with unabated infatuation,

but barges through our doors with a death sentence.

It’s the tragedy that rejects our kneeling in peaceful protest, 

but sanctions kneeing as appropriate use of force.

It’s the tragedy of a criminal justice system that operates in the dark: that prosecutes only when the crime is televised and the evidence is irrefutable; but otherwise, crafts a narrative of criminality that warranted lethal force.

It’s the tragedy that, for us, none of these things are unusual, but expected. We are fatigued. 

We struggle to find the appropriate forms of expression. We struggle to find the words, because they don’t quite exist. But we do find solace and inspiration in Arlan Hamilton’s words: “...understand the power that comes in controlling how much you let anger and disappointment overwhelm you. Imagine transforming the feeling…into power and productivity.”

And so, we are reminded that we descend from a bloodline of heroines, activists, creators, social engineers and change agents; and that WE have inherited that call.


In the scope of our mandate, oneKIN is committed to advancing social justice. To this end, we are pledging to donate $1 of every purchase made on the  oneKIN marketplace to support organizations providing free legal aid to victims of police brutality and race-related hate crimes, bail resources for protestors, and initiatives that educate and empower Black + Brown communities including:

With love, 

Marvin, Jennifer, & Demitrious

Founders, oneKIN Inc.


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